Logo Creation

My company is a gaming channel for YouTube and it is call Goatawama Gaming. I made the logo show what the name is so people cant take it and make it there own. The ellipse is to give people the perspective of viewing this channel. The gaming controller is to show we play games. I […]

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Logo research

I choose these three because they are all gaming logos for pro teams. I like the Fire because of the dragon and it catches your eyes. I like the T1 logo because they made it simplistic also but it is something that makes you think what are they about. The last one I like because […]

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Logo Practice

I used the ellipse tool, star tool, and the text tool. I sorta followed the tutorial about 80% because I had to know what it was wanting. For the most part I was just going by feel though.

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Logo Design

I have learned that most famous logos have gone through at least 2-3 changes. Colors can influence someone depending on where you are broadcasting your logo. Colors also have their own meanings. People tend to like brighter colors in brands and logos. A good logo is something that catches a person’s eye, but not coming […]

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