5 game concepts

Hunted – This game is about a zombie apocalypse that has destroyed the world. You are by yourself or playing co-op with friends in a massive open world game. It throws you at your hands and knees. You have to fight the wilderness, zombies, and AI. Call of the Storm – This game is about […]

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Rolling Ball Game

I have learned how to code for a simple ball and how to add a Ui text to the game. I started to have trouble with the coding because i type to fast and dont check to see if I type things correct every time.

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Unity Tutorials

This is the second tutorial, I forgot to take a screenshot of the first one. Sorry about that. In the second tutorial I learned how to add rigidbodys and that no matter what you do make sure you are out of the play mode so you don’t make changes in it. This is the Third […]

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Summarize and Evaluate

Robin Hunicke claims that the MDA framework will bridge the gap between game design, development, game criticism, and technical game research. Hunicke explains that game designers and developers need to have three main pillars to create a game. The first one is mechanics which describes the particular components of the game. The Second one is […]

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Game Design Response

“Not only do we tend to think about the world according to what we want to see and what we need to see, we tend to think in terms of what we expect to see.” I do agree with this post because the human will try to only see what they want to see. If […]

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First Blog Post of 2018

I do agree with this statement because people now want to see what they want and throw the rest away like it never happened. I know this by experience because i have seen and heard things that i don’t want to know but i don’t throw it away like my family or friends have done. […]

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Logo Creation

My company is a gaming channel for YouTube and it is call Goatawama Gaming. I made the logo show what the name is so people cant take it and make it there own. The ellipse is to give people the perspective of viewing this channel. The gaming controller is to show we play games. I […]

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